The Asagårds litter  2019-02-19

Mating between SE23147/2015 Crusea’s Yippee Yvette and SE16276/2017 Schpindel’s Clos Mogador Prioat took place during the christmas holidays 2018.

The puppies were born 19th Feb 2019.

When you waiting for symtoms of the birthing process, and then realizing Essi is starting to push when she is out for a littel walk around the house. WE quickly got to the puppyroom and within 20 min the first puppy was born. 5 hours alter we have 6 healthy puppies, 4 males and 2 bitches, and Essi recovered quickly. 

Essi did a great job and took on her role as a mother directly with eager.

All puppies has found their forever homes!