The 4 Musketeers

The 4 Musketeers

Breeding between SE23147/2015 Crusea’s Yippee Yvette and SE14126/2015 Team MoDicken's Ai Bei Rally took place in the beginning of September.

We are expecting medium sized black poodle puppies in the beginning of November -20.

We are expecting puppies with lots of energi and are looking for aktive homes.

The mother, Essi, is a very active bitch, training and competing in agility, rally obedience, bloodtracking, nosework and will begin competing in canicross in the spring. More infrometion about the bitch can be found on the site with our black bitches medium size.

The father, Rally, trains and competes in obedience, track and nosework. A funny and creativ male with a lot of power in his legs, and still likes to hang around the couch.

Essi had 4 beautiful pippy boy on Nov 5th.

The birthing went without difficulties and all four boys are healthy.

All the boys have now found new loving homes.