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Crusea´s Kennel has a small breeding of grey/silver toy-, dwarf- and minuature poodles and black miniature poodles. Annette Sandberg is the founder of the kennel and has breed beautiful poodles with excellent lineage för many years. Mariel Andersson came in as a coowner of the kennel in jan-19 and will continue on Annette's lineage and breed black miniature poodles. 

Annette Sandberg

My name is Annette Sandberg and I live in a small town, 18 miles north of Gothenburgh, together with my husband Jakob. We have had dogs since 1983 and we had at the time two standard poodles that we competed with in obedience. Today we have miniature, dwarf and toy silver/grey poodles and we will focus our breeding on these sizes and colour.


Annette Sandberg

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My name is Mariel Andersson and I have a small breeding of black miniature poodles. As my interest lies in dogtraining, my focus is on the working poodle but im also interested in following the poodlestandard in order to promote a healthy development of the breed. I go to a few dogshows the first few years with a new poodle and then change focus to the more working dogsports. Today we train and compete in agility, rally obedience, track and nosework.

My thoughts around breeding is to do my research thoroughly and find individuals that would make a good match both physical and mental. I want to breed dogs that i woudl like to own myself. That is why i think it is important to follow the recommended healthtests, such as HD, ED and patella and as well gone through some kind of mentaltest, such as MH or BPH. I want the dogs to be healthy and happy, uncomlicated familydogs as well as trainingdogs that enjoys when things happens, can relax on teh couch as well as managing more intense competition and training seasons.

I will continue Annette Sandberg’s work with breeding healthy, beautiful and friendly black miniature poodles.


Mariel Andersson

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