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Puppyplans, we are hopefullt expecting puppies in the beginning in July.

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Crusea´s 2022-01-27

A great although short competetive season, but we have a few amazing results at teh end of the year in the Swedish Poodle Club year lists.

First out is the Obediencelist:

The Winner of the list is our very own Crusea's Thunderous Thor with his Owner Lotta Wallén. 

Such an amazing season you guys have had and to come out on top of all the Poodles this year.

Big big Congratlations and good luck in the new year, as well as your new title LD 1

LD1 LDs Crusea´s Thunderous Thor "Zkoj"

Zkoj´s sister Prim, Crusea´s Salubrious Eir, also made the obedience list on a 40th place, with only one late start in december. Congratulations!

And the Momma Bear, Essi, Crusea's Yippe Yvette, came on 5th place on teh allroud poodle list as well as 3rd place on teh Agility list in class 3.

She has also gained her Champion title in Jumping, 2021, as well as competed in Swedish national in Agility, individual and in team.

Big congratulations !

Crusea's 2021-08-04

We have had a few Crusea dogs competing this summer in both Agility and Obedience.

Crusea's Yippe Yvette "Essi"

Our kennels first double champion in Agility (agility and jumping).

Essi aalso attended her firsts individual Swedish National in agility.Its also the kennels first individual representative i SM Agility. 

Essi is competing in the Team SM august 20. Good luck!

Essis son has been making amaing round on the Obedience field with beautiful comments from the judges.

Crusea's Thunderous Thos "Zkoj"

Competed in grade/level 1 with qualifications points for level 2.

Well done and congratulations!

Crusea's 2020-02-29

Swedish poodleclub West

3 dogs were shown from Crusea's lines.

Crusea's Timmy Titbit (Picture 1)
Excellent CK

4th BM

BOS veteran.

Crusea's Salubrious Eir (Picture 2)
Excellent CK

Best Junior Bitch

3 Bitch overall

Crusea's Your Yquem (no picture)

Super happy with our results and a hugh thanks to all of you who have helped us in any way!!

Essi and Mariel qualified to Swedish Nationals in Agility 2020 with their team Bá Kör

Congratulations and good luck!

Happy Birthday Asagårdskullen 1 year

19 Feb

Crusea's 2020-01-24

Great news from this past wednesday!!

Crusea's Yippee Yvette "Essi" and Mariel Andersson (@studiomareel) took 2 qualifying jumping points in Agility and is therefore now qualified for Swedish National in Agility 2020, their first individual SM in Agility. ❤️

SM 2020 will take place inYstad, the weekend after midsummer ❤️


Crusea's 2020-01-24

Day 1 & 2  MyDog 2020.

Crusea's Timmy Titbit
Both days

Excellent CK 4 BM och BOS veteran.

Crusea's Salubrious Eir
Both days

Best Junior Bitch, CK

Crusea's Angel Bossi
both days

Very Good

Super happy with our results and a hugh thanks to all of you who have helped us in any way!!